Apr 01

I found a nice road bike on abbotsford.kijiji.ca for $38 and had Pedal Sport tuned up the bike, add a water bottle bracket, and install a set of Look pedals. I got the pedals from Dan Douglas the ower for $49 (they were slightly used).

I brought the lock and back light which are from one of my other bikes back in Aylmer.

Centurion LeMans RS 12 Speed

I took it for a spin this morning out to the Vedder dike which is 27km return from home base. My Garmin Forerunner’s is having problems so I don’t have the exact times but from what I can see it took me around 1:48:00 to bike 27km and run 10k.

The bike was good and I enjoyed the run even though it was raining and only around 5C degrees. I feel like I could of run 20km but seeing how I am typical running only 5km daily I didn’t want to over do it.

If my legs are feeling ok tomorrow I will do the 10km run along with the 27km bike.

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