Sep 23

I purchased 8 toner cartridge refills for $59 including shipping which works out to $7.38 per refill. I refilled the cartridge for my HP Laserjet 2200d printer on Sept 12th and I just ran out this morning.

The self test sheet tells me I printed 1946 pages. That means the cost to print a page is $0.0037 or almost 1/3 of a cent per page. This is a very good price. Of course this is not counting the price of the toner cartridge which cost me $66 taxes included.

To refill the cartridge from beginning to end (including clean up and washing my hands etc.) it took 9min 37sec. The page count the printer started at when I purchased the current cartridge was ~38,052 so it will be interesting to see how many pages I will be able to get from it before I need to purchase a new cartridge.

Currently, I have printed 3892 pages with this cartridge and I expect I should be able to get a total of 10,000 pages. That would be a total cost of $95.50 for 10,000 pages or $0.0095 per page. This is still quite a bit below photocopier prices. 10,000 pages would be 1250 booklets.

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