Apr 24

042409 WeightI did a fasted 50km bike today in 2:05:24 and my post-workout weight was 163.2. I was trying to get my time under 2:00:00 but there was a good wind that I had to bike against on the way out to the Vedder River which is reflected in the following times.

Home base to Vedder 32:02, Vedder to home base 26:40, Home base to Vedder 25:23, and Vedder to home base 31:19.

Yesterday I biked from home base to the Vedder River twice for a total of 50km. I timed myself in 12.5km segments. My times for each 12.5km segment was ~31:00, 31:07, 29:44, and 32:21. For me this is 2 hours of hard cycling so it’s a pretty good workout. 50km of cycling doesn’t bother my right knee that I have been having problems with since I did a 24km run so I am going to lay off running for a few days and sticking with biking.

While running is the workout activity that I enjoy the most, in the same among of time with biking I burn 75% of the calories I burn running.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) burns the most calories in the least time but HIIT is hard and doesn’t really interest me very much. Here is a short article that explains why anaerobic (weight lifting) burns more calories than aerobic (cardio).

I try to some degree to do HIIT when I bike and run by speeding up and pushing myself to the maximum and then slowing down and repeating this cycle. While HIIT with weights will burn more calories than running or biking, HIIT with weights tends to have the side effect of causing the swelling of your brain which cuts off the flow of the Spirit of God to your heart. Over time this can create a condition called pride.

Russell’s workers Chris and Dave seemed to like the striploin steaks I cooked them yesterday and I am going to try to cooking for the whole family tonight — that’s 4 adults and 5 children. Julie cleaned up their outdoor grill so I will get to try my hand at doing steaks on the outdoor grill instead of my George Foreman B Grill.

I did an early shop over at Canadian Superstore after dropping off the Stephenson children at the Eastern’s Christian school and pick up 2kg of T-Bone steak and 1kg of boneless rib steaks. The steaks were $53.87 retail but they were discounted $26.93 due to they were close to their expiration date.

So for $26.93 I can feed 4 adults and 5 children and still have 3 portions left. Seems like a good deal to me.

Here are the steaks:

Chilliwack Steak Deals

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