Apr 22

042209 BreakfastI am getting back on track with my diet and am trying to see if I had hit 159.8 which I am here in BC. I had a nice breakfast of a 500 gram Caesar salad and a 400 gram fruit shake this morning.

The Dole Caesar dressing that comes in the their Salad bags is very good. I get Doles 2lb page of chopped Romaine and add another 200 to 300 grams to the 200 gram Dole Caesar bag that I get. That gives me about a 500 gram salad. I also had about half a bulb of garlic to that.

The total calories is about 350 for the Dole Caesar and when I can I get the Dole blue menu Light Caesar and the 500 gram salad is around 180 calories.

I did my 25km bike ride in 58.55. The first 12.5km took me 32:40 due to the wind and the second 12.5km took me 26:15. Until my right leg is doing better it looks like I will need to stick to biking.

042209 SteakI am considering starting to do 25km first thing in the morning and then another 25km in the late afternoon so I can get my calorie burn up. I treat myself to a striploin steak after biking 25km.

I still need to go to Abbotsford and pick up 2 x 512MB DDR1s I found on abbotsford.kijiji.ca.

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