Apr 21

Striploin Steak CookedI had one of the Striploin Grilling Steaks that I picked up this morning. The steak was very good – I would rate it a 8 out of 10.

These steaks are about 1.25″ thick and I cooked them on the George for 5 minutes and they came out just with a bit of pink in the center and the right sear on both sides.

042109 WeightI weighed in at 165.2lbs after my 25km bike and 10km run. I am quite happy with weight considering I have not been following my diet as well as I would to have liked to since I arrived here in Chilliwack.

Bike 12:25 in 30:24, ran the first 5km in 32:47 and walked the second 5km in 52.56, and then biked 12.5km back to home base in 30:27.

Back on April the 13th I ran/walked 24km and biked 25km which looks like was not a very smart thing to do. I walked most of the last 7.5km and my right leg was quite sore for about 2 days.

I took a break from running until today and figured I could bike 25km and run 10km no problem. Again I bite off to much and I am limping around on my sore right leg. I kind of wondered if I should try a 5km run with my 25km bike but I guess still have not learned my lesson yet.

So I will give it another try tomorrow with a 25km bike and a 5km run.

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