Mar 29

032909 WeightMy workout weight including all my gear was 175.4. My post-workout weight minus gear etc. was 166.8.

Since December the 16th, 2008 (3 months 13 days) I have lost 28.2lbs. My goal is to lose 40lbs in 4 months.

1st leg 12.5km bike 31:53 burning 499 calories, it was getting to dark to do the 2nd leg 5km run, and the 3rd leg 12.5km bike 30:03 burning 508 calories.

Breakfast Shake 169 Calories:
100g of low fat fruit yogurt 40c
100g of fresh pineapple 52c
100g of fresh strawberries 37c
50g of fresh figs 40c

25km bike: 1:04:26

032909 DinnerDinner 210 Calories:
150g of chicken breast 150c
170g of broccoli 60c

Snacks 857 Calories:
Dole Caesar salad kit 90c
Tim Horton’s strawberry fruit parfait 140c
Tim Horton’s vanilla fruit parfait 160c
200g of strawberries 74c
200g of fresh pineapple 104c
200g of fresh apple 112c
100g of fresh orange 49c
60g of fresh figs 48c
200g of low fat fruit yogurt 80c

1067 calorie day.
1067 daily average.

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