Mar 28

032809 WeightMy workout weight including all my gear was 174.4. My post-workout weight minus gear etc. was 164.4.

The scale turned the weigh off before my camera took the picture and I didn’t realize it until I when to post this picture.

Since December the 16th, 2008 (3 months 12 days) I have lost 30.6lbs. My goal is to lose 40lbs in 4 months.

Today I added 0.75km to the 1st and 3rd legs of my workout. Now I start about half way between Highway #73 and Highway #3 on Elk Road.

1st leg 12.5km bike 32:05 burning 497 calories, 2nd leg 5km run 37:48 burning 427 calories, and 3rd leg 12.5km bike 32:45 burning 452 calories for a total time of 1:43:40 and a total burn of 1376 calories.

After my workout today I decided to set up the Garmin Forerunner 305 with transitions between my 1st and 2nd leg and between my 2nd and 3rd leg. This way I can get a true time for what my biking and running times are.

Today I let the 2nd transition time go on my run time and normally I put both my transitions times on my bike time as I like to know the true time of my run. With transitions selected the transition time appears as an extra lap in the Garmin Forerunner 305 history for the date of the workout.

I am making a few changes in my meals. Now I am planning to have a small breakfast shake before I start my workout. I am also making good use of my magic bullet and you will see more fruit and vegetable shakes.

Also I am going to try to move from frozen vegetables to fresh vegetables and will be increasing the size of the vegetables portions in my meals. Today I had 400 grams broccoli and yesterday I have 445 grams of broccoli with my main meal.

Breakfast Shake 169 Calories:
100g of low fat fruit yogurt 40c
100g of fresh pineapple 52c
100g of fresh strawberries 37c
50g of fresh figs 40c

BCAA ShakePre-Workout Shake:
2 cup of water 0c
11g of Xtent BCAA

25km bike 5km run: 1:43:40

032809 LunchDinner 565 Calories:
150g of chicken breast 150c
400g of fresh broccoli 128c
100g of low fat fruit yogurt 40c
100g of fresh pineapple 52c
100g of fresh apple 56c
50g of fresh orange 49c
25g of fresh figs 20c
62g of low fat cottage cheese 50c
10g of chia 50c

Dinner 978 Calories:
Dole Caesar salad kit Dole 320c
Tim Horton’s strawberry fruit parfait 140c
300g of strawberries 111c
300g of fresh pineapple 156c
75g of fresh figs 60c
500g of low fat fruit yogurt 240c
200g of sweet peppers 44

1805 calorie day.
1824 daily average.

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