Mar 14

031409 WeightI weighed in first thing this morning at 170.0.

I had a really busy day so I didn’t find time for my workout between doing up 200 or more booklets, our afternoon street meeting, and evening fellowship with the brethren from our Friday night Bible study.

Breakfast ShakeBreakfast Shake 492 Calories:
4 cup of water 0c
140g of frozen mixed berries 120c
50g of frozen cranberries 30c
200g of fresh pineapple 96c
140g of fresh papaya 54c
22g of GNC ISO Whey Protein 85c
8.5g of Progressive VegeGreens 47c
15g of Progressive PhytoBerry 60c
11g of Xtent BCAA

031409 LunchLunch 505 Calories:
1 cup of water 0c
150g of strip loin steak 300c
62g (1/4 cup) of low fat yogurt 30c
2 cups of broccoli 50c
2 cups of salad 50c
1tbps of mikes special golden flax oil dressing 75c

Dinner 1000 Calories:
5 slices of pizza 1000c

Snacks 600 Calories:
400g stirred fruit yogurt 160c
minis neapolitan sandwiche 90c
1 cup of icecream 340c
1 cup of hot chocolate type drink 100c
100g (11 cups) of pop corn 360c

3037 calorie day.
1878 calorie week.

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