Mar 10

031009 WeightWeighed in at 173.8 and post-workout weight was 172.6.

On the 8th I had quite a supprise when I found out I had gained 2.4lbs from my low of 170.6. My post-workout weight was 170.6 on the 7th and then on the morning of the 8th my post-workout was 173.0.

The 7th was only a 1903 calorie day but a lot of it was evening snack so I was still carrying extra food. Then on the 8th I blew my diet by about 900 calories (2602 calories) which didn’t help things out either.

Any way I am back on track with a 172.6 post-workout today. I am ratching up my workout to 5km/5km/5km and from there I plan on moving toward a 10km/5km/10km. Also I am going to be more careful about eating late in the evening and am going to have to be more careful when I am invited out that I don’t bust my calorie intake. I am still not clear how I could do a 2.4lbs pop as that is 8400 calories.

Today was my first day on my new 5km/5km/5km bike/run/bike workout. The bike route was short 260m so I paced out a new start and finish point after I got back to home base. There are two different routes you can take in the Springwater trail that I am running that will add distance to current 4.27km route I took today. I think they will be close to 5km. Either that or I will just lap up.

I did the 4.74km bike in 12:09, the 4.27km run in 26:40, and the last 4.74km bike back to home base in 17:55 for a total of 56:44. My weakest leg was the 3rd leg which is the bike back to home base. That took me 5:46 more to bike than the 1st leg there.

BCAA ShakePre-Workout Shake xxx Calories:
1 cup of water 0c
11g of Xtent BCAA xxxc

9.46km bike 4.27km run: 56:44

Post-Workout Breakfast ShakePost-Workout Breakfast Shake 412 Calories:
4 cup of water 0c
140g of mixed berries 70c
200g of fresh pineapple 96c
140g of fresh pap 54c
22g of GNC ISO Whey Protein 85c
8.5g of Progressive VegeGreens 47c
15g of Progressive PhytoBerry 60c

031009 LunchLunch 705 Calories:
1 cup of water 0c
3 pork kabob 390c
62g (1/4 cup) of low fat yogurt 30c
50g of fat salad 205c
170g (2 cup) of cauliflower 40c
2 cups of salad 40c

Snacks 180 Calories:
50 grams (5.5 cups) of popcorn 180c

1297 calorie day.

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