Feb 22

022209 WeightWhen I weighed in at 176.2 this morning I knew all it would take to get to 175.x was a morning run. Usually I don’t run Sundays so my body can have a break but I wanted to see 175.x pretty bad.

This week I have moved from a 6km to a 6.5km run. My run took me 47min 45sec and when I got back I weighed in at 175.6. My goal is to get into the 160’s by the end of the month so I am going to have to work a bit harder as I only have 6 days left.

I am guessing that I will hit the 160’s on March the 8th. With a 1000 calorie below your maintenance level you loose 2lbs a week (3500 calories is equal to 1lb). So I am running about one week behind to be in the 160’s by March the 1st, into the 150’s by April the 1st, and at my target weight of 155 by April the 15th.

When I hit 155 I will evaluate whether I need to lose another 10lbs or not.

Today I started recording some of the thoughts I get during my morning run while I listen to the audio Bible on my iPhone. I use iTalk an iPhone app to do this. When I get a good thought on a scripture I stop the audio Bible and record the thought on iTalk.

I record these thoughts so I can review the scripture and the thought later as I just can’t remember all the thoughts I get the 50 minutes while I am running.

I edited this mornings recording as one of the 4 different times I recorded the wind was blowing so hard that you can’t hear the record. Also there were some things I said in one of the recordings that after I considered what I recorded I decided it as a bit off base so I edited that also.

Originally I had recorded these just for personal review but than I thought later that it might be interesting to post. This blog is a window where I share my life with friends, family, foes, and who ever finds me.

I am not perfect, I don’t get every thing done just right, and there are probably some doctrinal positions that I hold on the Bible where I lack understanding.

I converted my iTalk recording from aiff to mp3 with NCH Software’s free Switch Sound File Converter, I tagged the audio file with NCH’s free Stamp ID3 Tag Editor, and I edited the recording with NCH’s free WavePad Sound Editor.

Here is what I recorded this morning with minor edits.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

I when to London late afternoon to pass out tracts. It was snowing and not many people were around except those transferring from one bus to another.

6.5km Run: 47:45

022209 ShakeMorning Shake 282 Calories:
1 cup of water 0c
1 cup of skin milk 90c
22g of GNC ISO Whey Protein 85c
8.5g of Progressive VegeGreens 47c
15g of Progressive PhytoBerry 60c

022209 BreakfastBreakfast 230c Calories:
1 cranberry apple cherry Clif bar 230c

022209 LunchLunch 450 Calories:
1 cup of water 0c
3 cups of chickpea soup 450c

022209 DinnerDinner 360 Calories:
1 cup of water 0c
200g of chicken breast
1 cup of sweet corn 160c

Snack 252 Calories:
245g of green grapes 172c
50 grams (5.5 cups) of popcorn 180c

1574 Calories so far today.

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