Jan 31

013109 WeightAfter my run I weighed in at 182.4 — whatever. So much for 170’s by February. I think I need to get my Bowflex Ultimate 2 up and running really soon so I can burn of more calories.

I can see this is going to take a bit longer then I through. That will be good for my patience.

I thought my 5.3km run would be hard today as I was kind of feeling a bit sore but it was easy as pie. The flesh rebels but as soon as I get out there it’s easy. It was quite windy today on the run but my hat has ear flaps so I was just fine.

A week from this coming Monday I plan on moving my run to 6km if my body can take it. I stopped pushing myself to see how fast I can do my run as they told me at the Running Room in London to just take my time as the longer I run the more fat burning time I get. I also spend 5 to 10 minutes walking off the run.

I am now using water instead of milk in my protein shakes and have cut my 28g of whey protein down to 14g until I start doing my weight training. I did this to cut down on calories.

My shakes used to be 180c of milk (2 cups), 120c of whey protein (28g), and 47c of Progressive VegeGreens (8.5g) for a total of 347 calories. Now them are 60c of whey protein (13g) and 47c of Progressive VegeGreens (8.5g) for a total of 107 calories. That makes a big difference of 240 calories which I will be able to use for snack calories.

Another thing I have noticed is that I have been tending to not drink a lot of water as I am trying to weigh in as low as I can. I just realized today I had been doing that so another thing that I have changed.

Started today the plan is to drink a cup of water first thing when I get up, one cup with each meal (3 cups), 1 cup when I take my vitamins, and 2 cups in my shake. For example today I only put one cup of water in my shake so I would weight 330 grams less when I weighed in after my run.

While I need to keep my eyes on my calorie intake and my weight, I shouldn’t be concerning about adding weight by drinking lots of water. They even say drinking lots of water helps you to lose weight.

013109 BreakfastBreakfast 372 Calories:
1 cup of water 0c
3 egg whites scrambled 47c
1/3 tomato, 3 cloves garlic, 2 tbsp onion, 2 tbsp green pepper 30c
1 piece of 12 grain toast 120c
2 cups of papaya 110c
1/4 cup of plain fat free yogurt 30c
1/2 grapefruit 35c

013109 Protein ShakeWorkout Protein Shake 107 Calories:
1 cups of water 0c
14g of Whey Protein 60c
8.5g of Progressive VegeGreens 47c

013109 LunchLunch 140 Calories:
2 cups of papaya 110c
1/4 cup of plain fat free yogurt 30c

013109 DinnerDinner 388 Calories:
1 potato 138g
50g of swordfish 65c
150g of cabbage 36c
1 dumpling 150c

Snacks 1200 Calories:
2 boiled eggs on yolk 23c
125g of fat free cottage cheese 90c
310g of smoked rainbow trout 563
120g of smoked wild pacific salmon 174c
50g (5.5 cups) of fresh popcorn 180c
1cup of grape juice 170c

2207 calorie day.
1713 calorie week.

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