Jan 30

013009 WeightI put in my 5.3km run this morning but I was feeling a bit stiff when I got home. I weighed in after the run at 182.

The plan is another low calorie day as you can see by the breakfast and lunch count. I am really motived to break into the 170’s by February the 1st.

Today it is 2 weeks into my diet and I am still very happy and excited with my progress and all I am learning. They say if you do some thing for 30 days it becomes a habit so I am half way there.

I would have liked to lose more than 3lbs in 2 weeks but I am not going to complain. I was down to 180.8 on the 24th but I guess I snacked to much and popped up to 184.8 on the 28th or perhaps the scale was off? Not sure what that story was there but anyway I am back down to 182.

I think what I need to do is start taking a picture of all my snacks as I seem to forget if I get a bit behind on my blogging. Also I am going to try to not save up my blog posts for 3 or so days and then do them that way I will be inclined to give a bit more commentary.

Susan opted for Chinese food and what a surprise. Lemon chicken is very high in calories because of the deep fried bread. 1 cup is 16 points with weight watchers or 670 calories. I don’t think I will be doing that again for a while.

Good job I was light on the breakfast and lunch. I am thinking I may mix my protein shake with water instead of 2 cups of skin milk as that will save me 180 calories also.

347 calories for a protein drink is a bit much. I may also cut the shake down to half a scoop (15g) instead of a full scoop as running 5km or biking 20km a day is not much of a work out.

Bible study tonight with the Friday evening group at 7pm. I am taking a bag of popcorn and my air popper to Bible study so my snacking will be low calorie.

013009 BreakfastBreakfast 170 Calories:
2 cups of papaya 110c
1/2 cup of plain fat free yogurt 60c

013009 Protein ShakeWorkout Protein Shake 347 Calories:
2 cups of skin milk 180c
28g of Whey Protein Sensation 81 (23g protein) 120c
8.5g of Progressive VegeGreens 47c

013009 LunchLunch 275 Calories:
2 pieces of 12 grain toast 240c
Romaine lettuce and tomato 35c

013009 DinnerDinner 865 Calories:
110g chicken fried rise 140c
170g lemon chicken 670c
60g bean spouts 30c
20g chicken breast 25c

Snack 360 Calories:
50g (5.5 cups) of fresh popcorn 180c
1 cup of taco salad 120c
2 cup of green peppers 60c

2017 calorie day.

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