Jan 29

012909 WeightI had to really work to get my weight back down to 182.0. I have increased my daily run from 4.27km to 5.3km. I am no longer running the Springwater trail but am now running on the road.

There has been so much new snow and there is no packed down trail so it has made running harder for me. Also I will confess that I am a bit scared running in the woods especially when the sun is starting to set.

I measured out a 5.3km run where I start at the entrance to the Springwater Trail that is on Conservation Line about half way between Rogers Road and Springwater Road. From that entrance I run west toward Springwater Rd. and then go south and run about 100m past Southdale Line.

Then I turn around and run back the way I can and go past the entrance I started at and go all go to Rogers Road. I run about 100m down Rogers Road and and then turn around and go back to the Springwater trail entrance that is Conservation Line.

The plan is to increase 0.5km every week. So I will go to 6km then 6.5km, 7km, 7.5km, 8km, 8.5km, 9km, 9.5km, and then 10km. So in 2 months I will be running 10k a day. I hope this is not to ambition but if it is I will just scale back.

On the days that the roads are clear of snow I will drive my road bike 20km. At this point I am not sure if I am going to get the bike trainer as I think it would be difficult for me to be motived to sit on a bike trainer for a hour and pedal out 20km.

012909 BreakfastBreakfast 395 Calories:
1 cup of orange juice 120c
2 cups of papaya 110c
1/4 cup of plain fat free yogurt 30c
1 banana 100c
1/2 grapefruit 35c

Lunch 140 Calories:
2 cups of papaya 110c
1/4 cup of plain fat free yogurt 30c

012909 DinnerDinner 407 Calories:
1 cup of skin milk 90c
8.5g of Progressive VegeGreens 47c
113 grams of wild salmon 131c
1/2 cup of wild rice 83c
1 cup of baby brussels spouts 56c

Snacks 311 Calories
50g (5.5 cups) of fresh popcorn 180c
113 grams of wild salmon 131c

1253 calorie day.

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