Jan 24

012409 WeightI just go back from a 20km bike ride and I weighed in at 180.8 pounds which is a new low for me.

I still plan on getting a new scale as the scales told me first things this morning I was 183.8 pounds which has to be completely off. A couple of times I have weighed myself with in 10 minutes and there would be up to 1 pound difference.

Bike ShoesBike Shoes BottomI picked up a pair of Adidas bike shoes on london.Kijiji.ca yesterday for $35.00. There are in excellent shape and have little or no wear. The cleat is recessed in the shoe so you can walk around in these shoes with out having the metal clacking sound on the ground.

I am new to using clipless pedals but they are what my Cannondale R500D came with. I bought the bike back in October and am just now getting around to getting a pair of shoes.

The roads were clear so I when for a 20km bike ride today instead of running 4.27km. So the plan it to run 4.27km one day and then bike 20km or so the next. If the roads are dry I will do it outside and if they are snowed over I will use the bike trainer I am about to purchase.

I am skipping a couple of meals today so I won’t be posting food pictures today.

Today I picked up 2 diet products at Popeye’s in London. I got 2lbs of whey protein which will give me 32 protein drinks for right after my exercise (25g of protein per drink). I also picked up a bottle of green tea extract (4mg of caffeine per capsule which is about the same as an 8 oz glass of chocolate milk) in capsule form to boost my metabolic rate.

I am already taking GNC’s mega men sport multi-vitamin multi-mineral right after I exercise and 6000mg of CLA a day. CLA is a fat buster.

It takes a while to get up to speed on the latest on dieting and to find out what is hype and what works. I am getting there slowly and it has been a really good learning experience for me. I will probably revise my first article on dieting tips and I may write another one on the different products and techniques I am using to lose weight.

Snacks 860 Calories:
434 ml of Kefir 233c
225 grams of wild Pacific Salmon 327c
28g of whey protein (23g protein) 120c
50g popping corn (5.5 cups) 180c

I skipped 3 meals today but I had an evening snack which gave me a 860 Calorie day. My average calorie intake this week was 1724.

860 calorie day.
1724 calorie week.

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