Jan 16

011609-breakfastBreakfast 333 Calories:
1 cup of 2% milk 130c
3 egg whites scrambled 48c
1 piece of 12 grain toast 120c
1/2 grapefruit 35c

011609 LunchLunch 449 Calories:
1 cup of 2% milk 130c
12 grain toasted lettuce & tomato sandwich 275c
1 apple 44c

011609 DinnerDinner 495 Calories:
1 cup of 2% milk 130c
1 cup of mixed long grain and wild rice 216c
1/2 cup of cauliflower and broccoli 18c
113 grams of wild salmon 131c

Intake of the day was 1277. That was what I was aiming at. I will be adjusting this account as soon as I figure out how many calories I should be eating to loose the weight I want to loose. As soon as I get my exercising program going I will also show the calories burned by exercise.

I completely blew it on Saturday with a calorie intake of 2184. 1/2 cup of mixed nuts 438 calories? and 340 calories for a cup of cereal. So much for the Alpen cereal brand.

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